An experienced & qualified workshop team

The safety, performance and comfort of your bike is the priority of our experienced, qualified workshop team. When you drop off your bike for basic repairs or maintenance, we like to ask you some questions. How many kilometers do you ride/week, when was your bike last serviced, have you identified any unusual noises or mechanical difficulties when riding?

Communication is key to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible. In addition to carrying out specific repairs, we have listed a recommended service interval guide to the right of this page for those who prefer to optimise the performance of their bike. Quotations are a free service. Pricing does not include replacement parts other than those stated.

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We service all brands

Our experienced bicycle technicians offer a full range of bicycle servicing. No matter what brand of bike you have we'll look after your regular maintenance, cleaning, repairs and upgrades including servicing suspension systems, switch seat posts and firmware updates for Di2. Talk directly with our technicians and discuss your options as we guarantee no surprises! It is important to feel comfortable on your bike and to ride efficiently so bike fitting is a FREE inclusion with bike purchases.


Free first service with every new bike

When you purchase a bike from Giant Toowoomba, we want to make sure you get the most out of your bike and hear your stories of adventure so we provide your first bike service free. Bring your bike in within the first few weeks of use and we will check everything is settling in nicely.


Bike Wash

If your bike hasn't had much love lately our bike wash is a good place to start. Giant Toowoomba utilises Muc-Off clean, protect, and lubrication system. Whether you ride an electric, mountain bike or road bike with mechanical or electronic shifting system, the right products will be applied to your bicycle.


3-6 month service

A regularly used bike will perform the best with some love and attention a few times a year. This service will:

  • Check chain and gears for wear.
  • Check wheel spoke tension in bike.
  • Check tyre condition.
  • Degrease and lubricate drivetrain.
  • Tune gears.
  • Check brake pads and adjust.
  • Provide a personal summary on the condition of the bike and recommend any further action if required.

12 - 24 month service

  • Check chain and gears for wear.
  • Service wheel set.
  • Strip down bike, wash & degrease.
  • Reassemble bike to manufacturer's recommended torque.
  • Lubricate headset, bottom bracket, pivot points etc.
  • Install new inner gear cabling - included in price.
  • Adjust braking (brake bleed not included).
  • Tune gears.
  • Provide a personal summary on the condition of the bike and recommend any further action if required.